A mom’s hug lasts long after she lets go

Want to make mom feel as special as she makes you feel this mother’s day? Here is a list of meaningful DIYs and budget gift ideas

  1. Make a personalized calendar with important dates like family trips, birthdays and events. Each month can be a photo from her past, your baby pictures and family photos.  
  2. Make her breakfast in bed – she will appreciate it, after all she has fed you most of your life
  3. If your mom is a coupon addict you know it takes time and effort to check the weekly flyers and scavenge the Internet. Give her a break and do it for her! Heads up our coupon code this month is spring60
  4. DIY photo candle
  5. DIY bath salts for relaxation
  6. Share a wonderful message with her: check out this tribute to moms video 
  7. Tell her you love her that is all she needs to hear 

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Spring cleaning is just one of those things we put off for as long as possible but we have to do it some time or another. Here is a list of essential spring cleans. 

Download checklist here

These are a couple bonus tips for your spiritual cleansing. Don't compare yourself to others and make judgments because you don’t know their journey. Make peace with what happened last season and look towards a fresh start this spring and summer. Lastly smile you don’t own all the problems in the world.

Share your spring cleaning essentials in the comments! 

Until next time, 

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Hello Coachella

April 11, 2014


Today marks the first day of Coachella 2014! While I am envious that I cannot be there right now for the music, I can look forward to the stylish pictures that will be popping up on my newsfeed. Coachella has become an iconic fashion hot spot for celebrities to show off their unique jewelry and trendy accessories. Festival style is very boho chic; fringe, flowers and feathers are popular.

Coachella sets off the summer styles. Get inspired with the season’s festival jewelry. Here are some great boho jewelry pieces to get you in the festival spirit.

Nothing says music festival like the peace symbol. Incorporating the peace symbol in a dainty ring is perfect since it is subtle and doesn’t scream “I’m trying hard”. 

Beaded bracelets stacked are very festival appropriate. This red beaded bracelet adds a pop of color to a dark outfit and the elephant is adorable!

This turquoise feather necklace is trendy and boho! 

This double wrap around bracelet is one of my favourites, it has a beautiful antique silver sun pendant and om symbol coins on black hemp. This can go with absolutely any outfit and comes in orange for the daring people!

Check out our Pinterest Festival Guide board for outfit inspirations and DIYs. For more style tips take a look at the spring style blog.

Until my next post, 

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       In this day and age we have the luxury of documenting every instance of our lives as it happens. With Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, there isn’t a moment missed. That means at any given time we can look back at all the wonderful moments we’ve had throughout our lives. Looking at old pictures, saving seemingly useless trinkets, and even just a familiar smell can powerfully take you back to a happy memory. Like a crush, your first concert, or your first kiss.  

Of course we tend to romanticize the past; people only take pictures of the happy times. Don’t be afraid to look back at the less than happy memories, because they are all significant. It’s the mistakes and lessons that we have learned along the way that helped shape us into who we are.

When you're feeling nostalgic, look back with fondness, and see how far you’ve come.

Until my next blog post,

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On letting go

March 24, 2014


We hold on to things because we don’t know anything better, or don’t believe there could be anything better than what we have. Sometimes we feel that we are deserving of a thing or person we long for. Only time shows us what we are deserving of and what we can have.  Have the courage to let go of something that isn’t providing you with growth or not allowing you to move ahead. Letting go is a practice one has to overcome many times throughout the different stages in life. We let go of our anger, people and fantasies.

The hardest thing about letting go of people, whether it’s a husband, boyfriend or close friend, is that they are the person YOU allowed in. They were the ones that you chose to share your secrets and deepest thoughts with. You grow from learning what is meant for you and what is not. You gain perspective on what you truly want and who you are as a person. 

Patience is a virtue – it will take time to let go and it will take even more time to find what it is that makes you the best you. I believe that we influence the situations around us. If we believe that there is good waiting for us around the bend in the road, there will be. 

Until my next blog post,

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Although it definitely doesn't feel like it, spring is actually right around the corner. That means it will soon be time to lock away your Uggs and parka, and update your wardrobe with the season’s best. Here are some of the trendiest essentials you need to look fabulous this spring. 


Pastels are back. Brighten up your look with a soft colour in a sweatshirt or a simple cross-body purse.

Forever21, H&M

White pants

Labour day is long gone, so it’s the perfect time to break out those white pants. A white jean gives an edge to a sophisticated colour.


Floral prints

April showers bring may flowers. Floral prints scream spring. A floral dress, or skirt are a fun and flirty way to dress up for any occasion.



The must-have shoe of the season is the mule. The backlace shoe is a fashionable twist on the bootie.

Top Shop

Bright lip

Nude make-up has been a long standing favourite in beauty trends. But try a bright orange lip if you’re feeling a little more adventurous.


Spring Bracelet

A brightly coloured bracelet is a perfect accent to any outfit. Shop our Mindfulness Bracelets collection for the finishing touch on a complete spring look.

Until my next blog post,

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Mindfulness is based on a Buddhist philosophy. The practice involves being aware and focused. Our motto for our mindfulness collection is “Remain in the moment”, this is based off the idea of focusing your attention on the present moment rather than thinking of the future or the past. The benefit of concentrating on the present moment is that you will never miss a moment! By focusing on what is happening in the present, we are not worrying about the future or dwelling on the past, but doing what we can with our current situation. Important aspects of mindfulness are acceptance, non-judgment and openness. To be mindful you must not label your thoughts as good or bad, merely observe them. Pay attention to all your senses when you eat or go for a walk. Accepting things as they are can be one of the most challenging mindsets, but once achieved you will not hold on to things that are not meant for you. Mindfulness takes practice and is puzzling at first, but is very rewarding. Remember to remain in the moment.  

Until my next blog post,

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What transforms us

February 28, 2014


Life is all about transformations. Flowers bloom, caterpillars turn into butterflies; it is natural to transform in some way throughout your life. The difference between change and transformation is that change can revert back, while a true transformation does not. And it usually is for the better.

There is nothing wrong with reinventing yourself. You can change your style, try new hobbies, or just vow to be more outgoing. One of the best opportunities is after a major change, like moving to a new country. However a transformation shouldn’t be undertaken to please someone else. Never attempt to mould yourself to another person’s vision of who you should be. Thrive and be exactly who you want to be, for you.

One of the most important and natural transformations is ageing. At each stage in your life you are true to who you are at that point in time, while continuing to learn more about yourself.  Be comfortable with who you are, and the beautiful person you continue to blossom into.

Until my next blog post,

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All Is Full Of Love

February 14, 2014



For most people, Valentine’s Day is about spending quality time with your significant other. Giving and receiving cards, flowers, chocolate and jewelry.Enjoying a special meal, and gazing lovingly into each other's eyes from across the table. But what about those that don’t have a significant other? Should they feel lonely, unloved and unhappy? On this day with constant reminders of what we ‘should’ be doing, it’s hard not to feel that something is missing.

We tend to expect others to make us happy, and when they don’t live up to our expectations, we suffer. Buddha taught that life entails suffering because we look to others to satisfy our desires. Most believe that in achieving those desires we will find happiness. He taught Buddhists to learn to produce positive mental awareness, regardless of our circumstances.

It is about letting go. Taking control of your own happiness. Not comparing your life to that of others. Intending to be happy in whatever we do. Using the power of our imagination to create positive reactions and experiences.

Valentine’s Day gives us the perfect opportunity to change our state of mind and cultivate our own happiness and love. Why not spread love to those around us, improving the moods of others and in turn making yourself feel better. As they say, treat others as you would want to be treated. I believe that you should treat yourself, how you would want others to treat you.

Whatever you are doing this Valentine’s Day, do it with the intention of being happy. Remember, every day is a new opportunity to create your own happiness.

Until my next blog post,


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There are different types of friendships. There are the friendships that are more about convenience. Maybe you shared a class together, or lived near each other, or you just went out a lot. You had a good time, and your conversations were never that meaningful. But after it was over, you regret that you didn’t keep in touch. There are the friends that you were really close to for a while. You were inseperable, and then for no real reason you drifted apart. Then there are your true friends; the friends you hope you’ll never lose. You confide in them, and they know every single thing there is to know about you. They know exactly how to make you laugh and lift you up when you need it.

Somehow these friends become your second family. True friends are committed to each others happiness. Selflessly putting the needs of each other above themselves. True friends support you while ensuring that you live up to your potential. The mark of a true friend is an ability to be honest. So if they tell you that your outfit isn’t the most flattering or that your boyfriend is completely undeserving of you, don’t get upset. Know that their honesty is coming from a loving place.

Like any other long-lasting relationship, it takes work to maintain. Nothing is perfect all of the time. There will be bumps along the way, only because you have high expectations of each other. Don’t let those things erase all of the good moments you’ve shared, because true friends are hard to find!

Until my next blog post,

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