Colored Leaves, Hot Drinks, and Cuddles

Emma Bassiri

Posted on October 04 2013


Who doesn't love fall? The crisp air is a call for cozy clothing and a fresh new wardrobe. Fall fashion involves a great warm color pallet; this year burgundy and green colors are making a hit. Accessories of all sorts are a must for fall - from hats to scarves to booties.

Other than fashion, the weather is another fall favorite. The cooler weather brings a time for being cozy and cuddling to the classic holiday movies. Baking season most definitely starts during fall. Some of my favorite baked goods are pumpkin pies, caramel apple crumble and pumpkin spice cupcakes.

Falling colored leaves make for beautiful walks, bonfires and great pictures. I'm personally still guilty of playing in piles of leaves!

My second favorite thing about the fall season is the Halloween spirit! Dressing up as whatever you want for one day is always exciting. I love getting creative with dressing up, and seeing other's costumes. 

Lastly, although we love summer vacations and being off school, this time of the year gets us back into our routines. We are refreshed and motivated for a new work season whether it be going back to work or going back to school. Productivity is important to all of us. Succeeding provides a sense of achievement and self-satisfaction. This season I recommend giving something you love your all and watch it succeed. Work hard, play hard!

What's your favorite thing about the fall season?

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  • Saraa: October 08, 2015

    subscribed after this awesome article

  • Molly : October 01, 2015

    I love walking through the woods and the smell of walnuts.The way the weather changes from crisp in the morning to warm in the afternoon, but never really needing a coat when you are wearing a cozy sweater. I could go on and on……fall sports, hot cocoa/coffee, natures beauty.

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