Dream a little dream

Will Campbell

Posted on January 24 2014


One of the hardest things to do in life is separating what you believe to be achievable goals and farfetched dreams. The trick is to see all of your dreams as achievable. Why not make your dreams a reality.

Don’t believe anyone that tries to discourage you from doing what you set out to do. Every single artist, performer, inventor, and entrepreneur has been told countless times in their life that what they were doing is one in a million, and unattainable. If you want to get there, first you have to believe in yourself.  Believe that you are the one in a million, because if you don’t, who else will?

They say the only way to really achieve something is to focus all of your energy on it. Let go of other distractions and just dive in. Understand that it might not happen immediately, and that it is about making long term goals for yourself. The difference between the average person and those that are successful in their dreams, is that they have the drive and the courage to pursue it until the end. Be exactly who you want to be in this world and the rest will follow.

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