Helping others is helping yourself

Will Campbell

Posted on November 22 2013


Have you ever heard the expression “Helping others is helping yourself”? Well it’s true!

There are numerous studies in psychology that demonstrate people feeling happier and better about themselves, when they have helped another person. Its been shown that simply letting someone know they have dropped something, increases satisfaction and happiness.

As we enter the holiday season there will be many asking for your support and donations. Sometimes it’s hard to give money, especially in the midst of Christmas shopping.  Instead, we can give people our time. The holiday season provides the opportunity to volunteer our time, talent, and if we can money to causes we believe in.

Soup kitchens are a great option. You can work in organizations that help people within your community.  Getting involved allows you to meet new people and appreciate what you have. Do some research for yourself, find something you care about and reap the benefits.

When I raise awareness, volunteer or donate I feel a sense of reward. Seeing others happy makes me happy. I may be making a small difference in the world but I know it is a huge impact on those I’m helping and myself.

Don’t let this stop you from giving, it’s human nature and makes us feel good! Although the holiday season is a great time to start, try keeping it up the whole year. You may find that the holiday spirit stays with you.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! What are you thankful for?

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