Silly STRESS you are just not worth it!

Will Campbell

Posted on January 31 2014

School, work, decision-making can put pressure on us. Today our lives are very fast paced creating stress. Stress is normal, it happens to the best of us but the way we handle it is what makes a difference. It is more productive to manage stress positively rather than taking it out on someone else or driving yourself into a panic.

A good way to relieve stress is to exercise. Exercise is a positive way to release energy whether it’s as intensive as kick boxing or as relaxing as yoga. Regular physical activity will give you strength and motivate you throughout your day.

Try something new every week. This is a great way to get out of your routine. Doing things differently gives you the opportunity to explore a new hobby, meet new people and find inspiration.   

If you feel like you need a breather don’t push yourself. Take a break. Whatever that means to you – have a Kit-Kat, tea or take a walk for fresh air. Breaks from over thinking and working give us a chance to recuperate.

How do you de-stress?

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