What does it mean to be Mindful?

Will Campbell

Posted on March 07 2014

Mindfulness is based on a Buddhist philosophy. The practice involves being aware and focused. Our motto for our mindfulness collection is “Remain in the moment”, this is based off the idea of focusing your attention on the present moment rather than thinking of the future or the past. The benefit of concentrating on the present moment is that you will never miss a moment! By focusing on what is happening in the present, we are not worrying about the future or dwelling on the past, but doing what we can with our current situation. Important aspects of mindfulness are acceptance, non-judgment and openness. To be mindful you must not label your thoughts as good or bad, merely observe them. Pay attention to all your senses when you eat or go for a walk. Accepting things as they are can be one of the most challenging mindsets, but once achieved you will not hold on to things that are not meant for you. Mindfulness takes practice and is puzzling at first, but is very rewarding. Remember to remain in the moment.  

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