What transforms us

Will Campbell

Posted on February 28 2014

Life is all about transformations. Flowers bloom, caterpillars turn into butterflies; it is natural to transform in some way throughout your life. The difference between change and transformation is that change can revert back, while a true transformation does not. And it usually is for the better.

There is nothing wrong with reinventing yourself. You can change your style, try new hobbies, or just vow to be more outgoing. One of the best opportunities is after a major change, like moving to a new country. However a transformation shouldn’t be undertaken to please someone else. Never attempt to mould yourself to another person’s vision of who you should be. Thrive and be exactly who you want to be, for you.

One of the most important and natural transformations is ageing. At each stage in your life you are true to who you are at that point in time, while continuing to learn more about yourself.  Be comfortable with who you are, and the beautiful person you continue to blossom into.

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