The Brand


Ashley Bridget embodies the youth, energy, and passion of women all around the world. No outfit is complete without great jewelry. We believe that true beauty comes from within - it comes from your heart, mind and the way in which you express yourself. Our jewelry is made with you in mind. Every piece of Ashley Bridget jewelry is a work of art that accentuates the charismatic charm every girl encompasses. Embrace yourself, your style, and dare to show it off. 


Being one of the industry leaders in fashion-forward jewelry, we’re proud to adorn the bodies of the most stylish and trend-setting women. Outstanding quality and a serious focus on customer care is the key to our success. Every Ashley Bridget piece of jewelry is individually crafted, making every piece unique and charismatic. Our team prides itself on using only the finest quality materials and craftsmanship, and will never settle for anything less. Take a look at all our support on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!   


The art of Ashley Bridget is creating collections through the women that inspire us. We find inspiration in your passion, your style, and your personality. Ashley Bridget embraces every girl’s finest qualities, making every piece of jewelry a work of art. We’re always on a constant lookout for the perfect materials and ideas for our new collections during our worldwide travels with our friends and family. Whether we are designing in Miami, or sailing in Toronto, we draw inspiration from the subtleties of the wondrous world we live in.