8 Reasons Why Ashley Bridget Is Right For You

Lawrence Chappe

Posted on January 05 2016

You have a unique style.

Why follow when you can lead? Ashley Bridget is for those who wish to stand out.


AB is good for every day wear.

It doesn’t matter what kind of routine or adventure you are getting into today. There is an Ashley Bridget bracelet for that!


You have a super, top-secret melancholic side.

Occasionally you watch old childhood movies that hit you right in the feels. Who’s chopping onions?


It is important to wear cruelty-free goods.

All of the Ashley Bridget charm bracelets are crafted from man made, guilt-free materials.


Accessories must be meaningful.

Ashley Bridget designs are conceptually uplifting. Almost every piece has a positive thought or meaning behind it.


A token of what matters.

Whether it is nature, your relationship with your loved ones or your values, what you wear reflects what you believe in.


Style should be versatile.

Tonight is girls’ night! Tomorrow you’ve got a date and who knows what the next day will bring. Fashion must be able to transform from day to night.


Fashion and style are a vital part of who you are, but it doesn’t have to break the bank.

Looking good is important, but you shouldn’t have to break the bank to look fabulous. Ashley Bridget provides glamorous pieces for affordable prices.


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