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Design Your Own Bracelet Stacks With Build-A-Bundle


You already have all of your favorite Ashley Bridget Expression bracelets..now what?

Well it’s finally here, your key to designing your custom bracelet bundle. All of your favorite Expression bracelets plus a few new goodies are available for mixing and matching. Keep your eyes open because we are constantly adding more. 

Build-A-Bundle takes the shopping experience one step further with an interactive program that lets you see your products constructed on a virtual wrist.

It’s easy. Select up to $50 worth of bracelets. Stack it, match it, arrange it, buy it!


Each individual bracelet has a separate fastening clasp. So you can wear all of them at once, a few at a time, and rearrange it as you wish. Now you have the opportunity to style your bracelets exactly how you want. 
Be your own stylist and build your bracelet bundle here


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