A box full of memories

Will Campbell

Posted on April 04 2014


       In this day and age we have the luxury of documenting every instance of our lives as it happens. With Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, there isn’t a moment missed. That means at any given time we can look back at all the wonderful moments we’ve had throughout our lives. Looking at old pictures, saving seemingly useless trinkets, and even just a familiar smell can powerfully take you back to a happy memory. Like a crush, your first concert, or your first kiss.  

Of course we tend to romanticize the past; people only take pictures of the happy times. Don’t be afraid to look back at the less than happy memories, because they are all significant. It’s the mistakes and lessons that we have learned along the way that helped shape us into who we are.

When you're feeling nostalgic, look back with fondness, and see how far you’ve come.

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