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Capricorn is an earth sign. Capricorns are known for being strong individuals. They are hard-working, reliable and responsible. As friends they can be always be counted on, and enjoy being needed by those around them.

The Capricorn Bracelet includes 5 bracelets that are fastened together by two steel clamps. It includes a lobster claw clasp and back chain, making it fully adjustable to fit any wrist size.


  • 1 Brass Capricorn zodiac symbol, 1 Green faux suede bracelet, 2 Brown faux weave suede bracelets
  • 1 Silver Capricorn zodiac symbol, 1 Black faux suede bracelet, 2 Black faux weave suede bracelets
  • 1 Gold Capricorn zodiac symbol, 1 White faux suede bracelet, 2 White faux weave bracelets

ZODIAC Bracelet Bundle Line.


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