School, work, decision-making can put pressure on us. Today our lives are very fast paced creating stress. Stress is normal, it happens to the best of us but the way we handle it is what makes a difference. It is more productive to manage stress positively rather than taking it out on someone else or driving yourself into a panic.

A good way to relieve stress is to exercise. Exercise is a positive way to release energy whether it’s as intensive as kick boxing or as relaxing as yoga. Regular physical activity will give you strength and motivate you throughout your day.

Try something new every week. This is a great way to get out of your routine. Doing things differently gives you the opportunity to explore a new hobby, meet new people and find inspiration.   

If you feel like you need a breather don’t push yourself. Take a break. Whatever that means to you – have a Kit-Kat, tea or take a walk for fresh air. Breaks from over thinking and working give us a chance to recuperate.

How do you de-stress?

Until my next blog post, 

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Dream a little dream

January 24, 2014



One of the hardest things to do in life is separating what you believe to be achievable goals and farfetched dreams. The trick is to see all of your dreams as achievable. Why not make your dreams a reality.

Don’t believe anyone that tries to discourage you from doing what you set out to do. Every single artist, performer, inventor, and entrepreneur has been told countless times in their life that what they were doing is one in a million, and unattainable. If you want to get there, first you have to believe in yourself.  Believe that you are the one in a million, because if you don’t, who else will?

They say the only way to really achieve something is to focus all of your energy on it. Let go of other distractions and just dive in. Understand that it might not happen immediately, and that it is about making long term goals for yourself. The difference between the average person and those that are successful in their dreams, is that they have the drive and the courage to pursue it until the end. Be exactly who you want to be in this world and the rest will follow.


Until my next blog post,

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“Enjoy the little things for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things” – Robert Brault

We often get caught up in our day to day problems that we forget all the great little things in our day that make life wonderful and amusing. Here are the top small but happy everyday moments.

  1. Looking at old photos – Memories and photos that have a story always put a smile on my face.


  1. Singing out loud in your car to your favourite song. Don’t say you don’t do it.
  1. Hugs that last longer than a second. Indescribably, a tight embraces always gives you a sense of relief.


  1. A fresh warm sweater out of the dryer, especially on a cold day.
  1.  Picking someone up from the airport is always very emotional and happy. 

  1. Seeing a dog having the time of its life while its head is out the window. It’s always a nice reminder how simple life is when you see kids or animals enjoying the simplest pleasures.


  1. Finding change in your pocket.  
  1. A relaxing candlelit bath is a time to reflect or let everything go.  

  1. The cold side of the pillow.

To stay positive remember the little things that make you happy. Keep a jar where you can put in little notes of the small things that give you joy. 

Until my next blog post,

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This past week, Winter reared it’s ugly head. Coming in full force with biting wind chills and icy streets. We at Ashley Bridget would like to share the top nine things we can’t live without this winter to get over the winter blues!

9.  Books

Curling up on a couch, preferably near a warm fire place, with a great book can really make you forget about the Snowpocalypse happening outside your window.

8.   Board games

Stay in, and play a game of Monopoly. Throw in some friends, hot chocolate or a bottle of wine, and you've got a party.

7. Ice skating

One of the few things that you can only enjoy during the cold months. Go down to your local skating rink with some friends or a significant other, and top it off with a warm cup of coffee to make for a perfect day.

6. Watch a Hockey Game

Winter means Hockey Season. Between the NHL, and the upcoming Olympics there are many opportunities to go to a hockey game or catch a game on TV from the comfort of your couch.


5. Cooking and Baking

In winter, making the trip to a nice restaurant is less than appealing. Now is the time to break out that cookbook. Cooking a nice meal, or eating some fresh baked goods will surely warm you up this winter.

4. Starbucks

Enough said.


3. Netflix

Get comfy and watch a movie. Or have a mini marathon and catch up on all of your favourite TV shows. Breaking Bad anyone?

2. Shopping

More specifically, online shopping. What could be better than browsing through the Ashley Bridget website and purchasing your favourite products without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home?

1. Destination Vacation

If all else fails, the ultimate way to get over your winter blues is to flee to somewhere warm.


Until my next blog post,

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With a new year around the corner, New Year’s resolutions are being thrown around in your head. There is always the typical resolution of “I’m going to start going to the gym”. However, having vague expectations of yourself may be overwhelming. Here are suggestions on how to plan and effectively make your new year’s resolutions last the year. 

I recommend picking one goal for each aspect in life that you want to improve or change.  Like drinking more water for health and telling your loved ones you love them more often for interpersonal goals.

The rules for setting goals are SMART: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound. Instead of a resolution to eat healthy make it HOW you are going to eat healthy, like having 3 meals a day or eating 5 serving of fruits and vegetables a day. A year is a long time but suitable for bigger goals, so make sure little steps create a path to reach your goal.  

For sure write down your goals, if you want to take it a step further make a board with visuals and display it somewhere you will see it often. Once a month look at your goals and treat yourself when you have completed one of the steps to accomplishing your goal.  It takes energy to plan something for a year but your accomplishments will be well worth it!

Hope this sparks some inspiration. Share your New Year’s resolutions and tips!

Until my next blog post,

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Every year around early December we begin to experience pangs of anxiety about gift shopping and about the fear of sinking even further into debt.

Some folks are talking about the “Gift of No Giving”, but let’s face it, it’s not Christmas without a little something!

Inexpensive and meaningful gifts are easy to find and shopping online is definitely stress-free. Consider for instance handmade accessories. Our lovely new collection of necklaces and charms will definitely warm your sibling’s heart.

Is someone in your family going through a difficult time? Our meaningful expression bracelets– path, journey, enlightenment, passion, love – can lift their spirit.

Add a handmade card, write a poem, and you’ll have prepared the most memorable gift.

Remember – meaning over cost goes further every time. 


Until my next post, 


It’s that time of year again. The holiday season is fast approaching and that means one thing; endless and often fruitless shopping excursions to find that perfect holiday party outfit. I can feel your stress building. I can tell you that it is just as frustrating for you as it is for the sales person when you don’t yell out, ‘this is the dress!’. A fabulous dress is of course important, but how you style it is what makes the difference. Whether it be your office Christmas party or a New Years outing, here are a few tips to make your outfit pop for any of the seasons occasions.                                                                                            . 

Dressing for a Christmas party can be tricky. An office event is very different from your friend’s ugly Christmas sweater party. Don’t be afraid of color. A simple dress, not too low cut or too short, dressed up with a cute waist belt and a simple necklace makes for a great office look. Pair it with some heels or flats, a clutch for a pop of color, and you’re ready to go.



New years is the time to be flashy. Everyone looks for that amazing sequin dress. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, why not try separates. A sequin skirt will do the trick, and you actually might get more use out of it. Pair it with a simple top, and a sexy set of heels. Top it all off with one of our Nautical bracelets and you’ll look great ringing in the new year.



Until my next blog post,

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Have you ever heard the expression “Helping others is helping yourself”? Well it’s true!

There are numerous studies in psychology that demonstrate people feeling happier and better about themselves, when they have helped another person. Its been shown that simply letting someone know they have dropped something, increases satisfaction and happiness.

As we enter the holiday season there will be many asking for your support and donations. Sometimes it’s hard to give money, especially in the midst of Christmas shopping.  Instead, we can give people our time. The holiday season provides the opportunity to volunteer our time, talent, and if we can money to causes we believe in.

Soup kitchens are a great option. You can work in organizations that help people within your community.  Getting involved allows you to meet new people and appreciate what you have. Do some research for yourself, find something you care about and reap the benefits.

When I raise awareness, volunteer or donate I feel a sense of reward. Seeing others happy makes me happy. I may be making a small difference in the world but I know it is a huge impact on those I’m helping and myself.

Don’t let this stop you from giving, it’s human nature and makes us feel good! Although the holiday season is a great time to start, try keeping it up the whole year. You may find that the holiday spirit stays with you.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! What are you thankful for?

Until my next blog post,

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Who doesn't love fall? The crisp air is a call for cozy clothing and a fresh new wardrobe. Fall fashion involves a great warm color pallet; this year burgundy and green colors are making a hit. Accessories of all sorts are a must for fall - from hats to scarves to booties.

Other than fashion, the weather is another fall favorite. The cooler weather brings a time for being cozy and cuddling to the classic holiday movies. Baking season most definitely starts during fall. Some of my favorite baked goods are pumpkin pies, caramel apple crumble and pumpkin spice cupcakes.

Falling colored leaves make for beautiful walks, bonfires and great pictures. I'm personally still guilty of playing in piles of leaves!

My second favorite thing about the fall season is the Halloween spirit! Dressing up as whatever you want for one day is always exciting. I love getting creative with dressing up, and seeing other's costumes. 

Lastly, although we love summer vacations and being off school, this time of the year gets us back into our routines. We are refreshed and motivated for a new work season whether it be going back to work or going back to school. Productivity is important to all of us. Succeeding provides a sense of achievement and self-satisfaction. This season I recommend giving something you love your all and watch it succeed. Work hard, play hard!

What's your favorite thing about the fall season?

Until my next blog post,

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First Times

August 20, 2013


There's a first time for everything. At times, first times can be a bit nerve-racking and discouraging. Can I really do this? Is this for me? I'm not strong enough. It's thoughts like these that hold you back from achieving what you want. When trying something for the first time it's good to keep in mind that all first times are valuable experiences that can lead to life-changing self-discoveries. Trying new things creates opportunity, and in this day and age, new opportunities are the pathways to progress and success. I sometimes like to ask myself the question: When was the last time I did something for the first time? Try, try, try! Don't be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try. What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail? Find out what that thing is, and then try to achieve it - try and fail, but don't fail to try! This is just a little something I like to live by. I like to try something new at least once a day - whether it be taking a new route to work, or simply trying out something different on the lunch menu. Trying new things keeps life alive. Sharing my first blog post with you guys today, is something new I've decided to try. Every life is an eventful journey filled with wondrous unique experiences, relationships, friendships, and beauty. This blog will serve as a means to share with you my personal experiences and discoveries. Being the founder of a successful jewelry line has had me down many roads where I've learned and experienced many new things. All experiences are valuable, and I wish to share mine with you through this blogging platform. After all, life is trying things to see if they work.
Until my next blog post,
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